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Casablanca – Apocalyptic Youth

Casablanca is a Swedish/American act featuring well known members guitarist Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Electric Angels, Roxxie 77), drummer Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights), bass player Mats Rubarth (Swedish national team football star), guitarist Erik Stenemo (Melody Club) and on vocals Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane).

The band started sometime in 2010, they have released two singles so far (“Dowtown” and “Love and Desperation”) while they have opened for KISS, on their last tour in Sweden. “Apocalyptic Youth” is their debut album, an album that is set to be released on 16/March/2012.

So what are my thoughts about the album? Well, fortunately this is my best album for 2012 (and the damn year just started) and unfortunately I have to wait a whole year to include it in my list of “Best Albums for 2012”. The band is playing hard rock the way it was played back in the 80’s. Their sound is a mixture of glam (Hanoi Rocks era) blended with edgy guitars (Skid Row era) and the artistic and delicate  sound of Thin Lizzy. The majority of the songs on this album are hard rocking tunes filled with catchy and memorable melodies while the rest of the songs reminded me of Thin Lizzy’s slower hits like “Dancing in the Moonlight”, and “Sarah”. Anders Ljung has an incredible voice, capable to transform to fit the requirements of each song while the rest of the band follows in the same step of perfection.

Beware, no copies and monkey stuff here. Casablanca are the real deal. They are influenced of course who isn’t but what they deliver is a flawless and imaginative hard rock album for mature listeners. The album was produced by Chris Laney (Candlemass, Bruce Kulick, Crazy Lixx, Crazy Lixx).

This is a buy or die album!

01. Apocalyptic Youth 3:30
02. Deliberately Wasted 2:43
03. Downtown 3:13
04. The Juggler 3:45
05. Rich Girl 3:54
06. Love And Desperation 4:01
07. Secret Agents Of Lust 3:02
08. Beast Of Summer 3:08
09. Last Of The Rockstars 3:32
10. A Lifetime On The Run 4:15

Line up:
Anders Ljung – Vocals
Ryan Roxie – Guitars
Erik Stenemo – Guitars
Mats Rubarth – Bass
Josephine Forsman – Drums

Release Date: 16.03.2012
Label: Rocket Songs Records





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2 Responses “Casablanca – Apocalyptic Youth”

  1. Andronis Christoph
    02/11/2012 at 9:24 am

    In which mail can I send you the biografie and the demo of the Band Circle’s Line for review.
    Andronis Christoph

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  2. CnB
    02/11/2012 at 9:54 am

    hi, there is a form below….but you can also use crowsnbones@yahoo.com


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