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Sir Reg – A Sign Of The Times

Sir Reg is an act from Sweden playing Celtic Punk Rock. The band used to gig around for almost a decade under the name The Barcrawlers.They used to perform covers and Irish traditionals before changing their name to Sir Reg and releasing their first eponymous album in 2010 – an album that received rare reviews by the press.

“A Sign Of Times” is the bands second album released the previous October through Heptown Records. Although I haven’t heard the bands eponymous album this one is gem. Through the 11 songs on this album Sir Reg unfold all different directions of Celtic punk rock managing to bring in mind bands like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, the Pogues and the  Levellers. Although their kind of punk doesn’t belong to the same level of rawness as Dropkick’s – their lyricism overcomes. Their lyrics deal with issues of immigration, desperation, patriotism, hope and better future.While through a top notch production and fine musicianship Sir Reg deliver an album that pays it’s respect to the Irish and the punk n roll tradition.


01. A Sign Of The Times
02. Dying To Rebel
03. How The Hell Can You Sleep?
04. This Country’s For Sale
05. Far Away
06. Bolloxology
07. I’ll Leave For New York
08. Living On The Moon
09. Ah Just Leave Me Alone
10. Frustration
11. Dublin City


Label: Heptown Records
Release Date: 28 October 2011
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