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…and Hell Followed with Him: Simon Bisley’s The Four Horsemen

For comics fans, the combination of veteran illustrator Simon Bisley and Heavy Metal Magazine does not evoke subtlety. No. It evokes Blood, babes and thunder. Bisley (Slaine, Hellblazer, Lobo, Doom Patrol, Batman) is basically the Glenn Danzig of comic illustrators. His work is full of outsized battle scenes, gore, boobs, skulls and Hellfire. And his new project for Heavy Metal is a collaboration with Michael Mendheim, called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I have a suspicion that this isn’t a comic for the Blankets crowd. I mean really, this is probably the most Metal As Fuck news of the year. Plus, the comic will feature extra artwork from Tim Bradstreet and the late, great special effects maestro Stan Winston, among others. Now, admittedly, the video in the link below looks like a mediocre cutscene from the kind of videogame that offends Republicans, but still. Bisley. Bradstreet. Winston. I need to get this fucker.


(-Dimitris Kontogiannis-)

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