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One Day

In case you haven’t noticed I am sucker for rock and romance. The funny thing is that I can handle rock with ease but I can’t seem to handle love stories. I know, I sound like a pussy but I am not ashamed.

Anyway it was the previous week I think when I was looking through my downloaded movies, I had just returned from work, it was kinda late and I need something ….well…not so heavy. There was “Iron Lady” , “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” but those movies where demanding. Then there was the “Arena” and “Killer Elite” but I wasn’t in a mood for action either. So “One Day” seemed ok for my evening and the looks of Anne Hathaway always lifts my mood to clouds.

But let’s talk about the plot:

A night after their college graduation, Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) begin a friendship that will last a lifetime. Emma is the cute, dreamer, working-class girl and Dexter a charmer and a wealth spoiled guy with a good heart. For the next 20 years, and every 15 of July we see Dexter and Emma wandering through their missed opportunities to finally be together. Through the years,  Dexter, gets married and has a child while Emma moves to France, publishes her first book and falls in love. This is the time when Dexter, finally understands that he has always been in love with Em. and travels to find her. Em. , tries to look cool, but also opens her heart and from that moment the two are together.

And this is the time when I would have preferred the movie to end – but it didn’t.


So, the two are finally together and deadly in love. But, Em., wants to have kids with Dex. and the couple kinda are not able to do so although they are both willing to try more. At this point, we see Emma riding her bicycle and getting hit by a passing track. She dies.

The next scene shows Dexter, in bed and desperate. He starts drinking, provokes bar fights to get beaten and finally finds comfort by his ex wife and father. The film then flashes back to ’88, where, they had gone with Emma for a walk on a hill. The story then goes back to the present day, in 2011, where Dexter visits the hill again; this time with his daughter.

We use an expression in Greece  (ante sto diaolo) that kinda translates to “GO TO HELL”. And this is what I said when the film ended. I liked “One Day” and I liked it a lot but this kind of sadness is not good for my stomach, especially when you don’t have any idea of what might hit you. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t read the plot nor the best seller book by David Nicholls and all that sadness came as a surprise.

The movie despite all it’s naivety, shares some exceptional moments about relationships, love and timing. Although I am not a guru in the matter of love, I – from my experience – have to state that – when your instinct shouts at you, don’t waste your fucking time – you will deeply regret it.

I should have seen “The Iron Lady” 🙁







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