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“Reveal yourself tiny songstress!” The DARK SHADOWS trailer is here at last

The trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows has just been released and it’s, eh.., a comedy?

Dan Curtis’ original phenomenon was a gothic, supernatural soap opera. It was moody, melodramatic and rather wonderful. Burton seems to be going for parody here, with all the groovy seventies references played for laughs. Barnabas Collins, the byronic vampire (essentially his generation’s Angel) is a bit of a baffoon as played by Johnny Depp, but that’s not nessessarily a bad thing. I laughed out loud several times while watching the trailer and it made me want to see the movie right now.

It’s also quite sexy, with Eva Green camping it up as the hot, vindictive witch Angelique Bouchard (love that tongue). I would comment on the lovely miss Moretz as well, but it’s impossible to do this in a non- sleazy way, so never mind.

Did I mention Alice Cooper is in it too? Between this, Cabin in the Woods and John Dies at the End, it’s going to be a fun year.

(-Dimitris Kontogiannis-)

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  1. 07/10/2012 at 12:33 am

    Awesome movie

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