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Wig Wam – Wall Street

Why I like WIG WAM? Well because every time they are releasing a new album – I am definitely sure that I am gonna be blown away with the tones of unearthly melodies and catchy choruses. For me the 2005 Eurovision contest winners are a constant value. I know what to expect and I get it. Fair n’ simple.

So, the album that is entitled “Wall Street”  and was released a few days ago (18th of May) through Frontiers records starts with two killer tracks, and maybe the best on the album, the hit single “Wall Street” and “OMG! (Wish I Had A Gun)”. These two tracks are the usual hard rocking anthems that will blow you speakers and force your vocal chords to burst into fire. Unfortunately the next three tracks “Victory Is Sweet”, “The Bigger The Better”and “Bleeding Daylight” sound too European for my taste and kinda wordy. But at this point, “Tides Will Turn” steps in – and you know what I think about ballads? – I LOVE BALLADS, and this one is one of the best ever written, and could easily win the Eurovision contest again n again even if Johnny Logan was in the opposite side (ha ha). Things are getting even better as the album progress’s with the excellent arena style “Wrong Can Feel So Right” , the heavy riffing “One Million Enemies” and ” Try My Body On”. As for the end I must not forget the two uplifting, energy driven, and best way to close the album tracks, “Natural High” and the instrumental “Things Money Can’t Buy”.

“Wall Street” is a never ending fun, with tones of sticky melodies. Fantastic entertainment.

01. Wall Street
02. OMG! (Wish I Had A Gun)
03. Victory Is Sweet
04. The Bigger The Better
05. Bleeding Daylight
06. Tides Will Turn
07. Wrong Can Feel So Right
08. One Million Enemies
09. Try My Body On
10. Natural High
11. Things Money Can’t Buy

Release date: 18/May/2012
Frontiers Records




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