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Smash Up (card game by AEG)

  What do you get when you combine some of the more subtle, brain-tickling mechanics of Magic: The Gathering with just a pinch of – god forbid – Lost Cities and a smattering of good, old-fashioned geekdom? If you’re AEG, you certainly hope you’ve got a hit. And as far as I can tell from my plays of Smash Up, they’d better prepare for the inevitable onslaught of fanboys because Smash Up seems to be that hit in the making. On the surface, Smash Up appears to be just another card game trying so vary hard to tap into the collective psyche of the average geek. But after the first play, you’ll soon realize – as I quickly did – that Smash Up doesn’t pander, it simply facilitates play, and the more you play the more you want to play. Somehow, Smash Up manages to rekindle a bit of that simple innocence we all had when we first picked up a collectible card game and generated our first killer combo. The only exception is that, with Smash Up, we don’t have to buy booster packs in bulk and battle Mr. Suitcase in order to maintain that high; all we have to do is crack open the box, shuffle two totally awesome factions together, and get down and dirty.
Look for this little beauty at the AEG booth and I almost guarantee you’ll walk away with the box. Luckily, there’s lots of space inside to organize expansions, which I can also guarantee are well on their way. Look for a more in-depth review of Smash Up on Dice Hate Me after GenCon.

Impression score: 5 out of 6

This is another fine DICE HATE ME! review

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