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Drako – A boardgame of brave Dwarves and deadly dragons

  Drako is a Polish board game made by Adam Kaluza and published by Rebel.pl in 2011. The game is for two players only. One player takes the Dragon and the other player takes the three Dwarves. Aim of the game is more or less the same for both players, to kill each other.

The player who takes the Dwarves has to defeat the dragon within a certain time, that is before his deck runs out. Yeap, in this case the Dragon flies away and his owner wins the game. The other way (for both players) is to hit each other hard. Dwarves are armed with bows, axes and nets while the Dragon can fly, throw fire balls or bite.

The game board is composed by hexes where players move and fight. Both players have a player mat in front of them to keep track of wound markers received during play. If all spaces are marked with a wound marker the player looses the game.

The sequence of play is silly simple. Draw 2 cards and play 1 card. Cards are used for both moving and fighting so players have to careful plan their move and manage their cards.

I liked Drako. It’s a simple, filler game that can end to be exciting and competitive. We have played it many times in a row and every time we had a different player winning. It’s the kind of game that you beg  for a rematch and you get one easily as it runs in less than 30 minutes. Thumbs up!


  • Nice theme
  • Great components
  • Competitive
  • Fast


  • Not so much depth
  • 2 players (is always a con)





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