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Destitution – Beware The Fury of the Patient Man

destitution beware the fury of the patient man

Thrash metal never gets old, not from the bands who serve and perform it, nor from the fans who enjoy it continuously the last three decades – And whether you call it old school, bay area or whatever, there is always room for more thrash for our metal bellies. Destitution are not new to the scene, despite the fact that “Beware The Fury of the Patient Man” is their debut album, released sometime in 2014, the band exists since 2007 and has already released a demo in 2009, and a min ep album in 2011 titled “The Human Error”. To the album now, we are dealing with a exceptionally performed thrash metal which takes all the good elements from the old school era but leaves the rusty ones out. To their credit, they are not trying to mimic a specific thrash metal guru of the past, they have their own distinguished sound, a sound that stands out for the tight song structure, a tendency to melody, for the dozens of riffs and even more guitar works and generally for the more cerebral performed thrash metal. The album is a concept one and deals with common for the genre issues such as lack of humanity, age of technology and stuff like that. My only complain concerns the very first rule of thrash metal, which is the neck breaking factor, which seems to be needing an improvement.

Fans of the genre should definitely check it out.

My best moments were: ‘Affinity’, ‘Vigilante’, and ‘Alcethrash’!


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