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Tomorrow’s Cthulhu: Stories at the Dawn of Posthumanity – Edited by Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski










Lovecraft- inspired anthologies are a dime a dozen these days and it’s getting hard to be excited by them- or tell them apart for that matter. Props then, to Tomorrow’s Cthulhu, for managing to be one of the best short story collections of the year. Part of this is the result of a rather versatile anthology theme and part is the fact that most of the stories are very good indeed.

Tomorrow’s Cthulhu involves Lovecraftian stories with science fiction elements- mostly focusing on cyberpunk, posthumanist and fringe science tropes. In other words, fans of Beyond the Walls of Sleep, From Beyond and other Lovecraft stories that utilize scientific trappings will enjoy this collection- but then, so will Cronenberg and William Burroughs enthusiasts. Between running into Stuart Gordon’s oeuvre in some late- night horror marathon and reading D. M. Mitchell’s Black Static in the legendary Starry Wisdom anthology a couple of decades ago, it’s safe to say that I’ve been a sucker for that sort of thing for decades now.

There are no bad stories here, although a couple didn’t quite register with me. Cody Goodfellow’s story is a psychedelic tour de force and Kaaron Warren’s 68 Days is creepy and cool and makes me want to check out more of her work. Best of all is Molly Tanzer’s Reanimator riff, which is a joy and deserves its’ own novel spin- off. Essential stocking filler for the discerning horror fan.

(-Dimitris Kontogiannis-)

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