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An Interview with Rebel Mistress

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Rebel Mistress is a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Marielle Tengström on vocals, Johan Jönsson on the guitars,  Marcus Skantz on bass guitar and Oskar Hallberg on drums. Despite their young of age, the Swedish sensation, manage to make quite an impression to the musical press business with the releases of their two ep’s ‘Rebel Mistress’ and ‘Restless Minds’. We contacted them and we learned some interesting stuff concerning their future plans, influences and upcoming debut full length album.



For starters congrats on your ‘ep’, it was bomb! Shed some light on the bio of Rebel Mistress. How you all know each other, how you end up in Rebel Mistress and why this particular music?
Marielle: I answered on an add that a new band was looking for a singer, so I auditioned and got voted in! Oskar came after 6 months ans Johan after a year. We’re all rockers in the heart so it came natural that we wanted to do something influenced by the 80’s.

Marcus: How we ended up together is not an interesting story in our case. All of us were basically found through ads on Bandfinder.se. In my ad I had listed AC/DC and Airbourne as major influences and that it was the type of music I wanted to play, with that as our starting point the music then evolved as we were influenced by other bands like Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe.

Oskar: I knew Daniel for a long time before this band, my parents and his parents are close friends so we I known him since he was a kid. I saw on Facebook that he had this band that was looking for a drummer. I was more of a metal head before this band.

Johan: I was searching for a new band this summer and saw Marielles add on facebook. I went for an audition and a couple of weeks later I moved to Stockholm to start playing with this awesome band. They were all very friendly and welcoming and soon I became one of them. I knew I wanted to play some nice 80’s sounding hard rock so this fits me perfectly!rebel mistress (2)

Is Rebel Mistress your full time job? What else is there for each one of you (daily jobs, college etc)?
Marielle: Not yet! I run my own jewelry business for handmade rock inspired pieces that I’m selling on marielledesigns.se and at retailers around Sweden.

Marcus: I wish Rebel Mistress were my full time job, but sadly we haven’t come that far, yet. So during the weeks I work at a school as a substitute and also with the after school care.

Oskar: No I wish it was, I work in business finance for a small stock exchange company where I am a the back office manager is basically direct link between the Nasdaq market and our company. I did 4 years in Swedish university before that.

Johan: No, but that would be the dream! At the moment i work as a telemarketer.

Who does what in the band concerning lyrics, song synthesis etc? What is your song writing process?
Marielle: I make all the melodies and most of the lyrics. Sometimes Marcus comes with deep cryptic lyrics with double meanings written in his dark room haha! They are good, but we haven´t recorded any of them yet.

Marcus: The song writing usually starts with someone showing a riff they’ve come up with and then we write the rest together. I have done most of the arrangements and song structures because I’m better at that than writing songs but I’m working on that.

Oskar: Mostly I just do what I feel is best for the drums. I want to try out writing more music but it hasn’t come to that yet, I have a couple of ideas that could work for this band.

Johan: Since I joined the band it has been like someone have an idea, often a riff or two, and then we jam together and everyone give their own input on it.

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Does everyone in the band share the same influences? Who hears what?
Marielle: Pretty much yeah, except for Oskar who’s a bit weird!

Marcus: I think we all come from different places ,musically. Sure, we share some influences but not all of them. I, for example, started out in a punk band because I couldn’t play that well, still can’t haha.

Oskar: I think we like the same music but we also have our own preferences. I like rock music, but I listen to a lot of different music. In a normal work day I listen to a lot of different music, everything from really hard djent metal to some new house song by Avicii.

Johan: We share a lot of the same influences. But I think each one of us has their own idols too. I think that is a good thing because it can explore our sound even more.

How would you describe your sound? You stated that you are influenced by the likes of Guns n Roses, Motley Crue and AC/DC, but give us a more accurate description of your sound.
Marielle: It’s so hard to be objective. But since I’m a girl I’ll never sound like Axl Rose so our music will never sound like Guns N’ Roses. Some people think we have a Runaways or Girlschool sound which I understand.

Marcus: I can’t really describe the sound. It is what it is. I’m better off describing my pants, they’re black jeans.

Oskar: I feel like our sound is the kick in the face kind of rock, as a lot of music maybe is, but I feel like we have some sort of power that make it feel like you listen to the song and you in the party that the song is about. We are here and we are the party! That’s how it feels to play it anyway.

Johan: I think it is a 80’s hard rocking sound with elements from different types of subgenres. The fact that we have a female singer also give it a different flavour and feel to it. It’s the kind of music you want to get loose to and just have a good time with your friends.

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You have a new member in the band, guitarist Johan Jonsson. You’re now a five piece. How come you wanted a second guitar?
Oskar: Well that’s sort of the thing, Daniel had another band that he was focused on and he quit our band, or we gave him an ultimatum, just a couple of weeks ago. So we are back to one guitar. I didn’t really feel that we needed a second guitarist but it is always nice with two guitars live. Johan is an amazing guy and has some sick guitar skills.

Marcus: The songs were always intended to be played by two guitars. I think it’s more versatile because you can do more melodies, harmonies and it adds more edge and power in a live setting, because you don’t lose the comp during the solos. But now that Daniel quit, we’re back to searching for a new one.

I read on your Facebook page that you’re planning on releasing a new ‘ep’? Is it going to be 3-track ep again? Tell us a few things?
Marcus: It’s going to be released now in December and it’s going to be better in sound quality and it’s four(!) tracks this time.

Oskar: It’s a mix of speed and groove that’s going to hit you in the face. I really like the EP and how it turned out and I think you are going to as well!

Johan: I am very excited because this time i was involved in the tracking as well! I think it’s 4 good songs and each one of them stands out. It’s a good mixture of speed, groove and feeling and I think it will definitely be a punch in the face!

You have self-released your first ‘ep’. Do you plan on doing the same for the second one too? With material like that, one should think that you could easily find a record label to promote you.
Marielle: Yes we’re gonna release this independently as well. It’s more about finding the right label. We don’t wanna be stucked with a bad contract or with a management that’s slowing us down which is very common. I will keep doing the administration until someone who does it better comes along, and when we find a good label we’re on!

All good with the ‘ep’s’, but what about a full length, are we going to hear a debut full length sometime in the near future?
Marielle: When we find the right label!

Marcus: Hopefully we can record a full album soon. We are hoping to get a deal with a label to help with the costs.

Oskar: The goal is that it’s the next thing we release.

Johan: Yes, we really want to do an full length album. We have started working on new material for that.

Name five albums that you’ve heard lately and made an impression.
Marielle: “Into the Wild Life” – Halestorm, “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” – Black Label Society, “Apocalyptic Love” – Slash, “Split Your Lip” – Hardcore Superstar, 5: The Gray Chapter – Slipknot.

Marcus: “Last Command” – W.A.S.P, “Ramones” – Ramones, “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying” – Megadeth, “Running Wild” – Airbourne, “Opus Eponymous” – Ghost B.C.

Oskar: “That’s the spirit”- bring me the horizon, ” Jaggernaut: Alpha” – Periphery, “Node” –Northlane, “Soul Sphere”- Born of Osiris , “Focus” – Laidback Luke.

Johan: The Winery Dogs – “Hot Streak“, H.e.a.t – “Tearing Down The Walls“.
Thundermother – “Rock’N’ Roll Disaster“, Avatar – “Black Waltz“, Airbourne – “Runnin’ Wild“.

What is your dream concerning Rebel Mistress? What are you trying to achieve and how far do you wish this ‘thing to go’?
Marielle: My biggest dream has always been to be a rockstar so that’s of course what I’m hoping in my heart haha! All the way, all or nothing.
Marcus: The dream is to be the biggest band in the world but I’m perfectly satisfied with being able to do it full time and make a living of it.
Johan: We really want this to go as far as possibly so we will just work hard and see how it goes! And of course have a lot of fun on our journey as well!
Oskar: World domination, and a castle I Norway.

Thanks a lot for your time guys. Congrats once again for the good tunes, can’t wait for a full-length!

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