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BEATLES: ABBEY ROAD behind the scenes photo shoot

  It was Friday 8th of August 1969 and it was the day when one of the most famous photographs of all time was going to be taken. The Beatles gathered at EMI Studios (3 Abbey Rd, London) on that morning in ’69 and photographer Ian Macmillan took the famous photo. Prior to the shoot,


Blast From The Past: Keith Moon Enjoying Topless

It was ’75 and The Who were throwing a party to kick off their US Tour in Houston, Texas. The party that was held at The Houston Oaks Hotel had taken it’s theme from Who’s newest single ‘Squeeze Box’, and as you can see Keith Moon had a wonderful time.      


Lemmy on Michael Moorcock

I am currently reading Lemmy’s ‘White Line Fever’ autobiography (for which I will write a review when I’m finish reading it) and the man is simply hilarious – his book is almost, as good as uncle Ozzy’s ‘I Am Ozzy’ and I totally recommend you go buy a copy. In the paragraph about Michael Moorcock

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