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GODZILLA for president!

Between the ‘secretly’ insane Hillary Clinton and the nutcase Donald Trump, I think GODZILLA might be the most appropriate for the job.


Oliver Stone: ‘Viva Tsipras!’ ‘Viva a new Greece!’

  After reading an article about the Greek crisis by Mark Weisbrot on aljazeera.com, director Oliver Stone wrote his thoughts about the famous to the whole universe Grexit issue, about meeting Alexis Tsipras at a conference in Croatia some years ago, while also shares some free history lessons. And they say that Jean-Claude Juncker is a philhellene, go figure.  


Neil Young: I make my music for people not for candidates.

A few days ago there was this fuss around the net about Donald Trump using, for his campaign, Neil’s Young’s song ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’, without getting the artist’s authorization. Trump’s campaign spokesperson announced the other day that they paid to obtain the legal rights to use Young’s song, but they won’t be using


LOVE SHOULD BE LEGAL: ‘I’m Not a Joke’ Campaign

‘I’m Not a Joke’ is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBTI community through art and design, created by Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) in light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter


This will be the cover for the upcoming Charlie Hebdo issue

So this is the cover for the upcoming issue for Charlie Hebdo. Mohammed holds a sign that says Je suis Charlie, while a tear rolls from his eyes. The issues title “Tout Est Pardonne” translates to “All/Everything is forgiven”,  while the green color on the background is the “sacred” color of the Arab people. The

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