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Out of Exile @ Red Room Studios

On a mission to support my local scene (uncharacteristically, for me), I went to see Out of Exile on a cold West London Wednesday evening. The band has been around for a while rehearsing in Acton and tonight was their showcase.

Out of Exile are an unapologetic throwback to the hard rock 80s and the songs fall on the spectrum from AOR to glam metal. There is plenty of hard rock on display for people who are really into whatever it is Joe Lynn Turner is doing these days (I am not) and the occasional nostalgic lyric about Sunset Strip, etc. But the true test for every band is whether they can win over a casual fan and Out of Exile have that in spades. They are confident, instinctive players (the rhythm section cooks), the songs are catchy and the band’s live presence is unpretentious and self- deprecatingly funny (“the next song is the obligatory ballad”). Plus they’ve got the riffs to match. What they now need is to be put on a tour with a bunch of fellow travellers and roam the land. Recommended.

(-Dimitris Kontogiannis-)

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