The Answer – Raise a Little Hell (album review)


I own every single album their, except this one which I haven’t found yet in a ‘buying’ price. I like ’em but their not included among my favorites bands. More...

Helloween – My God Given Right


I overall don’t like the new Helloween, by new I mean the Andy Derris and after era of Helloween, for me there will always be to versions of the same band and I don’t More...

KISKE / SOMERVILLE – City of Heroes


The project that’s been goin’ on since 2009 resulted to a debut album in 2010 titled “KISKE/SOMERVILLE” and although it shared the familiar voices of More...


10 Stunning MAD MAX ‘Fury Road’ Vehicle Posters!

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Gandalf says goodbye to Saruman.

From a legend to a legend,from a Sir to a Sir, Ian McKellen paid his respects to the king, Sir Christopher Lee with a farewell lettter, posted yesterday on Sir McKellen’s More...

Zine: Dog Eat Robot Vol. 04 – 09

dog eat robot 9

Look what has just arrived in the mail – the six issues, from no #04 to #09, of ‘Dog Eat Robot’ zine. And More...

Zine: No Exit Vol. #5

No Exit Zine ISSUE 5

 This is my first acquaintance with ‘No Exit’ – a Greek zine written in English language More...

dust bolt2 An Interview with Dust Bolt

Two years after the release of their exploding debut album ‘Violent Demolition’, German Thrash outfit Dust...

Massive3 Interview with MASSIVE

If you are into hard rock, if you fancy big hooks and dynamic guitar solos you...

RebelliousSpirit Interview: Rebellious Spirit

Rebellious Spirit hail from Germany, they are barely at their 20’s, they rock like pros and...



Maria ‘Tristessa’ Kolokouri was mostly known as an extreme metal pioneer and as the frontwoman for her More...

The First ASTARTE Fest on June 2015

Update 29/4/2015 And here’s the line up for the Astarte festival. BIGUS  DIGUS  MAIDENANCE  ORDER OF THE EBON HAND SOULSKINNER LLOTH..

Cyanide 4: Brand new video for ‘Rock n Roll Hero’ and new album in the summer!

Greek sleazters Cyanide 4 have just released a brand new video-clip from their upcoming album. Titled ‘Rock n Roll Hero’ the..

Download Festival Day 2: Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, A Day to Remember, Black Veil Brides, Carcass, Testament (14/06/15)

2015-06-13 22.19.06

Donington Park is a muddy wasteland populated by Iron Maiden fans, Mad Max casting rejects, goth kids, stoner More...

Gig Review: Ride @ Field Day Festival (07/06/15)

It is hard to write an unbiased review, free of clichés and emotions when your favourite band returns twenty years after..

Patti Smith @ Field Day Festival (07/06/15)

This is the third time that I see Patti Smith live and it probably won’t be the last. Field Day Festival..
beatles ten great years

Wonderful poster art on the ten years of The Beatles

I was staring at this wonderful poster for more than 10 minutes, it depicts the stylistic changes of the Beatles during..
Creepy Bottles

Creepy Lovecraftian Bottles by Andrea Falaschi

Andrea Falaschi, the artist who made these creepy Lovecraftian bottles comes from Italy and as he states in his short bio he..
happy birthday debbie harry (9)

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry (July 1, 1945)

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry (July 1, 1945)!!!..