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album review

Dead Express – Bloodsucking Queen

Formed in 2014, where else, in Sweden, Dead Express is a five piece punk-rock n roll act that’s being doin’ it in the DIY way. Having already released two ep’s since 2015, the band self-released their first full length album in previous September (2017). ‘Blood Sucking Queen’ consists of only 8 songs and total playing


SATYRICON Premiere Brand New Video!

Press Release: With the recent release of their ninth studio album, ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’, black metal groundbreakers SATYRICON have proven they still lead the way in extreme music. Today they unveil a brand new video for the track ‘To your brethren in the dark’. Check it out HERE! Speaking about the new video, frontman


Lita Ford – Time Capsule

‘Time Capsule’ is Fords 9th album. The album that was released in the mid April 2016 is a collection of ‘forgotten’ songs Ford found in her closet, all written during the eighties and back. “There was a shitload of these 24-track analog tapes in the closet in my house. This is some of the best work I’ve


VEGA – Who We Are

I have left them on their 2013 album, ‘What The Hell’, and since then they have released another two albums, ‘Stereo Messiah’ in 2014 and now their brand new 2016 release, ‘Who We Are’. The band through the new album continues to impress with their ‘minimal’ FM rock tunes – and although you won’t find any big changes


Black Trip – Shadowline

I had a blast with their debut album ‘Going Under’ but this one, their second, ‘Shadowline’ is  a fiesta of everything rock n roll. Starting from Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher their references are expanding to everything that smells seventies. These guys can really compose some really timeless music – as rock n roll has


Alfahanne – Blod Eld Alfa (2015).

They call it Alfapocalyptic rock. It is a mix of black metal with rock n’ roll, punk and some goth influences. It rolls like fuck and brings in mind acts like Turbonegro and Kvelertak ( Erlend Hjelvind makes a guest appearance on ‘Skallerormsgift‘). I like the non black metal vocals, I don’t like the use


Horrific – Your Worst Nightmare (2009).

With a cover like this I couldn’t resist checking this album out. I was expecting something horror-ish and total metal or punk. My curiosity totally paid off. Horrific are one man band. Slasher Dave is behind them and handles everything on this album. This guy, Dave, who is also a member of Acid Witch, is


HELL IN THE CLUB – Shadow Of The Monster

I was almost done, recovering from their excellent previous ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ album, released in 2014, and their back with a new one, their third ‘Shadow Of The Monster’. Following the same successful recipe, that is blending and throwing at your face classic hard rock sounds with heavy metal and arena rock, Hell In


The Clan – All In The Name Of Folk

Can Italians ‘play’ Irish folk punk? Apparently they can and they can do it like the pros. Influenced by the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and similar acts, The Clan have nothing to be jealous of as their love for Ireland and it’s ethnic sound along with their skills as musicians is reflected in the best way


Diamond Dogs – Quitters & Complainers

 Diamond Dogs, were the Swedish band who since ’92 they have been rockin’ our socks off with their boogie, bluesy rock n’ roll. Diamond Dogs were the band who over the years have shared the stage with the likes of Hanoi Rocks, The Cult, The Quireboys, Iggy Pop, Turbonegro, Ian Hunter, The Damned, Georgia Satelites and collaborated

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