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Blacklist Union – Back To Mono

Ok for my taste. This is it. This is how zleazoid rock n roll should sound like. Dangerous, sexy and shaking. I like all their previous releases (’Till Death Do Us Part, Breaking Bread With The Devil’ and ’After The Mourning’) but with ’Back To Mono’, they nailed it. And I think they nailed it


Estrella – Come Out To Play (2012).

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, ‘Come Out To Play’ is the bands debut album, released sometime in 2012. (I hear there’s a second one out already). There are some impressive facts about this album. First, it was co-written and produced by John T Sinclair (ex-keyboard player for Uriah Heep, The Cult and the Ozzy Osbourne band).


The Carburetors – Laughing In The Face Of Death

Leather jackets, black jeans, sunglasses in the middle of the night and high octane rock n’ roll – that’s what is all about for the Norwegian sensation that goes under the name The Carburetors. This is their 4th album to date and things remain intact, as their anthemic, punky, rock n’ roll with it’s strong


Silentlie – Layers Of Nothing

Always skeptic with two things, female fronted bands and gothic oriented metal. In the case of Silentlie and their debut album ‘Layers of Nothing’ I was proven 100% wrong. These Italians, offer a very balanced mixture of modern metal and hard rock with gloomy atmospheres, fantastic (not cheese) melodies and exceptionally crafted guitar works, which


Rebel Mistress – Rebel Mistress

I think child labor is an offence in Sweden isn’t it? Then why these teens over here are left ‘playing’ with something so dangerous as rock n’ roll? Rebel Mistress is a brand new quartet from Sweden, who on previous July released their very first 3 track ep of the same name. If this band has


The Other- Fear Itself

German, punk-goth-horror sensation The Other, will never become your favorite band – this place was taken by the Misfits – that ofcourse doesn’t mean that there is no place for any other in the genre, on the contrary, as it proves there’s plenty space for more. The Other, on ‘Fear It Self’, there number six


Asylum Pyre – Spirited Away

A mix of speedy, dreamy metal, ambient and pop – the female fronted band Asylum Pyre has some pretty interesting tunes to share and with the exceptional voice of the lady who sings, I think they would have a very good chance on winning anyone. Now, my complain is this. Why in this kind of


Tiebreaker – We Come From The Mountains (album)

Sounds like Black Crowes jamming with My Morning Jacket and the Rival Sons and all paying their respects to the Led Zepps. 70’s aesthetics, a lil’ bit of southern, melancholic but overall explosive rock n roll with huge riffs and dozens of non stop bluesy soaked guitars. ‘We Come From The Mountains’ is the bands debut album, self released in


Helloween – My God Given Right

I overall don’t like the new Helloween, by new I mean the Andy Derris and after era of Helloween, for me there will always be to versions of the same band and I don’t think this version have ever, or will in the future make things ‘happen’. Maybe it’s not in their intention ofcourse, like


Starsick System – Daydreamin

Modern hard rock with a top notch production, heavy guitars and dozens of melodies. They reminded me of acts like Alter Bridge Hinder or/and Buckcherry in times, but without giving me the right to think that they sound anything like them. ‘Daydreamin” shares twelve numbers that will win you from the very first hearing, showcasing

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