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The End of Eternity: Dystopian Art by Michal Zak

Michal Zak, born in Poznan, Poland and a currently a citizen of Berlin is a visual artist who focuses on experimental and abstract interpretation of the modern world we live in, especially concerning social and global issues. In his work, titled ‘The End of Eternity’ the artist portrays destroyed capital cities as a reminder to


Star Wars art by Kai Lim

  Artist Kai Lim’s beautiful, gritty take on the Star Wars universe. You can find more about Kai Lim here: http://ukitakumuki.deviantart.com/  


Pictogram Rock Posters by Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz is a freelance graphic designer and artist from Uppsala, Sweden, his art focuses on simple illustrations, logos, posters and icons. On occasions he tries to be a photographer and film artist. In “Pictogram Rock Posters”, Hertz picked a few bands and artists from the rock genre and made pictogram posters for them. The concept


The Art of Pierre Matter

The last couple of days I’m re-discovering tumblr, I had made an account for cnb but left it to rot for almost a year – and what an ass I was – tumblr is the best social media of all. You can share photos (but not only), you can text (but not only), you can


The art of Donato Giancola

Born in 1967 and raised in Colchester, Vermont, USA, art was always a hobby for Donato. As a young man he would steal away into the basement of his parents’ home to work on drawings, create his own art for games, and construct model minatures. Later and since beginning his professional career in 1993, Donato’s

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