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black metal

Split ‘ep’ by Acherontas and Horna

Greek black metallers Acherontas released a split album with Finnish act Horna. Titled “Atavistic Resurgence”, the album contains five tracks, three by Acherontas and two by Horna (tracklist below), and it’s going to be released on both cd and vinyl. Tracklist: 1.Acherontas – Seven Tongues Of The Serpent 2.Acherontas – Gospel Of Saturn 3.Acherontas – Sphere

Artaius – Torn Banners

For fans who enjoy a bit of folk in their black metal, ethereal female vocals switching with the harsh black ones, flutes, violins and stuff like that. But that’s not only it, Artaius, on this second album of theirs flirt with various other sounds, enriching their music with progressive outbursts, a lot of modern metal riffage

Septic Flesh: Check out their latest video ‘Prometheus’

Greek symphonic deathesters Septic Flesh released on April 1st, a brand new video clip for the track ‘Prometheus’. ‘Prometheus’ is a song from the bands latest, 9th album titled ‘Titan’ which was released on June 2014. Follow SepticFlesh: https://www.facebook.com/septicfleshband

Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Internal

Chrome Division have always been fun to listen to – ‘Infernal Rock Internal’, the fourth album for this superband of black metallers follows pretty much the same recipe as all previous Chrome Division albums. Having a flag the sounds of the likes of Motorhead, AC/DC and  Black Label Society, they deliver exactly what you expect, that is guitar

Blodhemn – H7

If it rolls I am in!, and this second release by Norway’s one man band, Blodhemn is a fine piece of art! All grimmy and epic, mixing thrash with black metal, the old school way, ‘H7’ stands out for it’s rawness, it’s blasting riffs and it’s fast pace. Melancholy and underground melodies are there to

Iskald – Nedom og Nord

Two years after their previous work “The Sun I Carried Alone”, Iskald return with an album that was in the making for all that long . “Nedom og Nord” contains six long-length numbers of fierce, intense and cold music grafted with massive guitars, aggressive bass lines, complex drumming, harsh vocals and exceptional melodies. Nedom og Nord”is

Finnr’s Cane – A Portrait Painted By The Sun

A few years ago the Canadian act Finnr’s Cane released their debut album “Wanderlust”. An excellent mixture of black metal and post rock. Now is the time for the Ontario based act to come back with a sequel that in my opinion reaches or ever surpasses in terms of excellency its ancestor. The music on

Throne Of Katarsis – The Three Transcendental Keys

Throne of Katarsis are back with a brand new album titled “The Three Transcendental Keys”. The as of now, quartet from Norway that consists of Infamroth (voice, guitar and church organ), Skinndod (guitar), Sanrabb (bass) and Vardalv (drums) return with their fourth studio album recorded 100% live in the studio. The album that consists of 3

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