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Games That Go Bump in the Night

This is another fine DICE HATE ME! review! It’s no secret – we love spooky games at Dice Hate Me. There’s just something rich and engaging about a dark setting done well. We don’t play scary games as often as those with other themes, but when we do, we like to do it right –


Viticulture (boardgame)

  As you dear readers may have noticed, we get sent a lot of Kickstarter games for review. Some are satisfying gems, a little rough around the edges, but overall a welcome addition to the hobby. Others – well, not so much. So, when Jamey Stegmaier asked us if we’d like to take a look


Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

There were a lot of overly-hyped new releases from game companies at GenCon this year, but no company had their hype machine humming quite as well as Fantasy Flight Games. While Netrunner had the honor of being the belle of the ball – selling out in about 15 minutes on opening day – X-Wing was


Vegas (the dice game)

Every year, the Spiel des Jahres is awarded to a certain game, and every year, thousands of detractors lament the judging mechanisms, the speculation and the final decision. This year, the SdJ went to Kingdom Builder, a very divisive, yet – in my humble opinion – deserving game that had a single cohort in close


Smash Up (card game by AEG)

  What do you get when you combine some of the more subtle, brain-tickling mechanics of Magic: The Gathering with just a pinch of – god forbid – Lost Cities and a smattering of good, old-fashioned geekdom? If you’re AEG, you certainly hope you’ve got a hit. And as far as I can tell from

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