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Star Wars + The Muppets = The Pork Awakens

Check out this amazing new mashup art by artist Kenny Durkin. It’s Star Wars blended with The Muppets for an alternative version of the ‘The Force Awakens’ movie poster. ‘The Pork Awakens’ is currently available here. Visit Kenny Durkin’s website or Facebook page to check out more of his geektastic artwork.  


Prince’s Hair Styles From 1978 To 2013

There are so many things you can write about Prince, but this post is about his different hairstyles throught the years. Counting through 1978 until 2013, artist, Gary Card, made these beautifull illustrations showcasing, not one, not two but thirty six unique hairstyles.  


Creepy Lovecraftian Bottles by Andrea Falaschi

Andrea Falaschi, the artist who made these creepy Lovecraftian bottles comes from Italy and as he states in his short bio he was born in ’86, during the months of the Chernobyl radiation accident – that changed forever his genes, turning him into a monstrous creature who still lives in a shell of human flesh. Andrea Falaschi is

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