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Interview: Shotgun Express

Founded back in 2009 in Germany, Shotgun Express play music for junkies, drug dealers and lawless delinquents. They have shared the stage with the likes of Rhino Bucket, Psychopunch, V8 Wankers, Vain, Tokyo Blade and Kissin’ Dynamite, just to name a few. “Gypsy Blues”, their self-released debut album, managed to receive rave reviews from the


V8 WANKERS – Got Beer?

The album starts with a typical, Chuck Berry oriented rock’n’roll song “Got Beer?”, though significantly dirtier and by punk influenced. I though “ok”, I’m definitely in the mood for some alcoholic punk n roll. Then “Bust in the Wind” comes in, and it was like M.O.D, S.O.D and D.R.I have taken place. Superb song and


Unherz – Die Wahrheit liegt dazwischen

The genre is heavy metal, so anything is possible! From the classic heavy metal, Accept-like stuff to folk and rock n roll – it’s a blend, a salad if you like that in the end leaves a sweet taste. “Die Wahrheit liegt dazwischen” is the 3rd album for the Germans, Unherz. I haven’t heard their


Under My Skin – A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics

The story is pretty much known to everyone. After Warlock called it a day DORO started her solo career and became one of the few metal queens! She worked with acts like Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), toured extensively and released albums that are considered classics for the genre. Although I am not


Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition

Look out what has just been released two days ago (27/July/2012) you crazy ol’ fashion, Thrash metal enthusiasts – yeap, Dust Bolt’s debut album “Violent Demolition”. Another proof that German, thrash metal is still alive and kicking. Hungry, bursting with energy and highly explosive “Violent Demolition” is here to break some necks. It’s aggressive, it’s


We Love Europe!

Have you ever wondered what other Nations think about your country? Below, there are maps of Europe according on how each Nation sees other European partners and finally how the US sees all of us. Very interesting and extremely funny! There are also some true points here 😉 http://alphadesigner.com/project-mapping-stereotypes.html -manoc-