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SIXX:A.M. : Video Premiere ‘Gotta Get It Right’

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA – The long-awaited third release from SIXX:A.M., the band comprised of James Michael (vocals), DJ Ashba (guitar) and Nikki Sixx (bass) is entitled MODERN VINTAGE. Produced by James Michael, the album will be available on October 7, 2014 with the first single “Gotta Get It Right” hitting iTunes (http://smarturl.it/SixxAM_GGIR) and


Nasty Bulletz – Right Time To Rock You

Formed back in 2009, in Germany, Nasty Bulletz started as a tribute band to the likes of Motley Crue, Guns n  Roses, Poison, RATT and so. Soon, they decided to take their chances and write their own music and so by the start of 2013 they released their debut album, “Right Time To Rock You”. The album shares some


Massive – Full Throttle

So many albums to hear each year, some are bad, some are good to mediocre and some are simply fantastic. There a few things that can make an album to be fantastic. One is the bands inspiration, second is the bands skills in musicianship, third is the attitude, forth is the place of origin and


Reckless Love – Spirit

I am closely following Reckless Love from their very start. I liked a lot their debut album and I was out of my mind with their second one (“Animal Attraction”), I can say without any hesitation that the Finns are among my fav. new acts. Now, I was expecting “Spirit” from the very first moment I heard


Bret Michaels – Jammin’ With Friends

Can someone tell good ol’ Bret, that he is putting in danger all that’s left from Poison’s heritage? Can someone do that please? For starters, this albums sucks balls. Avoid it like the plague. The numbers from Bret’s solo career are below average and the covers on Poison numbers make you wanna throw up. !@#$%^&* But what is all about:


Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock

Universal records will release on October 28 the collection “Oh Yes We Can Love: The History Of Glam Rock“. The 5-disc box set will celebrate the history of glam rock movement through 91 tracks. As Universal explains: “It isn’t just Bowie, Bolan and Gary Glitter – it explores a complete myriad of mutations from early origins


Interview: Sisters Doll

They grew up with the sounds of Alice Cooper, KISS, Twisted Sister, T-REX and NY Dolls – the three brothers from Australia, all under 20 years of age, self-released their debut (Welcome To The Doll House) album sometime in 2012 for which they’ve received rave reviews. Since then they’ve jumped to the US in an


Interview with De La Cruz

The Australia based sensation De La Cruz released their magnificent debut album, “Street Level” a month ago and are now officially ready to bring it to ya live and kick some serious butts. We have contacted vocalist Roxxi Catalano who shed some light concerning the new album, line up changes, tour plans and what will

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