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Upcoming: Desert Fest Athens / October 7th,8th 2016

After London and Antwerp, the Desertfest franchise is keeping up its conquest of Europe by launching the very first Greek edition of the famous stoner, doom and psych festival. DESERTFEST ATHENS will take place over the second weekend of October, as a sister event of the autumnal Belgium edition. Over the years, DESERTFEST has become

Silentlie – Layers Of Nothing

Always skeptic with two things, female fronted bands and gothic oriented metal. In the case of Silentlie and their debut album ‘Layers of Nothing’ I was proven 100% wrong. These Italians, offer a very balanced mixture of modern metal and hard rock with gloomy atmospheres, fantastic (not cheese) melodies and exceptionally crafted guitar works, which

Album Review: Huntress – Static

Static is the third full- length by Californian metallers Huntress and their best so far. It gallops out the gate with the one- two punch of Sorrow and Flesh, two catchy speed metal numbers that won me over immediately and the rest of the album sticks to that furious pace. It’s an anthemic, smooth ride, reigned

Bruce Dickinson Undergoes Cancer Treatment

Bad news came from the camp of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, as their singer,Bruce Dickinson, was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Iron Maiden posted the following statement on their bands facebook page. Our wishes for a quick recovery. Post by Iron Maiden.

Rebellious Spirit – Obsession

‘Gamble Shot’, the bands debut album, was an exceptional hard rock album, ‘Obsession’, is a fantastic one. With ‘Gamble Shot’ you needed to hear the album a few times to grow in you, with ‘Obsession’ things are a lot easier. The sound is heavier with a huge production and it is also catchier – in a

Gunner Gunner – Lock n’ Load

Although I knew from the very first tracks that I am totally into them, I still find it extremely difficult to categorize them in specific genre. I know I am not obliged to do so but It would help to describe them better. Anyways, it’s definitely hard rock with references to the 80’s but these

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