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De La Muerte – De La Muerte

You will like them or you won’t be interested in them, for sure you won’t hate them. De La Muerte come from Italy and they perform a mixture of modern heavy metal and aggressive hard rock. ‘De La Muerte’ is the bands debut album and a concept one, as all numbers in it are inspired by


Chaos Theory – Bio Death

The sound is Thrash metal. The influences start from the 80’s with the likes of Exodus and Overkill collecting the honors, blended with thrashcore and metalcore sounds. The production is top notch, something perhaps this genre missed during it’s glory days, the music is attacking, the vibe is not friendly and the guitars are pounding.


We Love Europe!

Have you ever wondered what other Nations think about your country? Below, there are maps of Europe according on how each Nation sees other European partners and finally how the US sees all of us. Very interesting and extremely funny! There are also some true points here 😉 http://alphadesigner.com/project-mapping-stereotypes.html -manoc-