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Blacklist Union – Back To Mono

Ok for my taste. This is it. This is how zleazoid rock n roll should sound like. Dangerous, sexy and shaking. I like all their previous releases (’Till Death Do Us Part, Breaking Bread With The Devil’ and ’After The Mourning’) but with ’Back To Mono’, they nailed it. And I think they nailed it


HELL IN THE CLUB – Shadow Of The Monster

I was almost done, recovering from their excellent previous ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ album, released in 2014, and their back with a new one, their third ‘Shadow Of The Monster’. Following the same successful recipe, that is blending and throwing at your face classic hard rock sounds with heavy metal and arena rock, Hell In


The Clan – All In The Name Of Folk

Can Italians ‘play’ Irish folk punk? Apparently they can and they can do it like the pros. Influenced by the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and similar acts, The Clan have nothing to be jealous of as their love for Ireland and it’s ethnic sound along with their skills as musicians is reflected in the best way


Silentlie – Layers Of Nothing

Always skeptic with two things, female fronted bands and gothic oriented metal. In the case of Silentlie and their debut album ‘Layers of Nothing’ I was proven 100% wrong. These Italians, offer a very balanced mixture of modern metal and hard rock with gloomy atmospheres, fantastic (not cheese) melodies and exceptionally crafted guitar works, which


42 Decibel – Rolling In Town

Hey look who’s back, it’s these guys from Argentina, these guys who released this album titled ‘Hard Rock ‘n Roll’ back in 2013, these guys who sounded like the godsons of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and ZZ TOP, these guys who after a minor line up change in 2014 (in: Matt Fraga (Bass), out:Chris Marck Towers


EAT THE GUN – Howlinwood

There are some things you can’t ignore in this new, 5th album by German act Eat The Gun – one, the huge production, two, the heavy guitars and three, it’s catchy, whistling melodies. A smart, modernized blend of hard rock and alternative – ‘Howlinwood’ brings in mind everything you have ever heard from the 90’s ’till


MAMMOTH STORM Unveil Details of Upcoming Debut Album!

Following up on the band’s self-released debut EP, Rite Of Ascension (2014), Fornjot, the band’s full length debut, draws its name from the ancient Norse mythology: Fornjotr, a giant and ruler of Finland, Kvenland and Gotland. This sublime elemental force is acoustically transcribed on Fornjot, with its energetic, almost elegiac pieces, and the visualization of


HUNTRESS Premieres New Single “Flesh” And Lyric Video!

Press Release: The new HUNTRESS album STATIC will be released on September 25, 2015. The highly-anticipated record was produced by Paul Fig (Grammy nominated engineer, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Trivium, Ghost BC) and Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry, Emmy nominated Executive Producer of the Sonic Highways series, Producer Sound City Movie), Engineered and Mixed by Paul

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