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Leonard Cohen passes away at the age of 82

Singer, songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen passed at age 82. “It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away. We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries”  his web and facebook page stated a few hours ago. Wikipedia declared him dead on 7/Nov/2016.


Creepy Lovecraftian Bottles by Andrea Falaschi

Andrea Falaschi, the artist who made these creepy Lovecraftian bottles comes from Italy and as he states in his short bio he was born in ’86, during the months of the Chernobyl radiation accident – that changed forever his genes, turning him into a monstrous creature who still lives in a shell of human flesh. Andrea Falaschi is


Zine: Dog Eat Robot Vol. 04 – 09

Look what has just arrived in the mail – the six issues, from no #04 to #09, of ‘Dog Eat Robot’ zine. And what’s that you ask? Well ‘Dog Eat Robot’ is a printed lil’ mag dedicated to the world of Psychobilly, Rockabilly and evil Rock’n’Roll music. It comes from Italy but thankfully, the guys


Zine: No Exit Vol. #5

 This is my first acquaintance with ‘No Exit’ – a Greek zine written in English language and covering genres like hardcore, punk, thrash and death metal. This is Vol.#5 printed sometime in 2012 but as i read on their fb page , there’s a Vol. #08 on the way, so I suppose I am not


Helloween – My God Given Right

I overall don’t like the new Helloween, by new I mean the Andy Derris and after era of Helloween, for me there will always be to versions of the same band and I don’t think this version have ever, or will in the future make things ‘happen’. Maybe it’s not in their intention ofcourse, like


Zine: Fantastiki Logotechnia #16

I just grabbed the new issue (#16, 2015) of the Greek underground zine ‘Φανταστική Λογοτεχνία’ (Fiction Literature), a zine printed every now and then by the ‘Student Club of Fiction’. In the zines 32 pages you can read articles about William Hope Hodgson, Robert Sheckley, Yukio Mishima an interesting interview with Astronomikon, a power metal

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