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Cosplay: Vicky-Vic as American Dream

Cosplay, a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.


Kate Upton goes to space!

You must already know by know that Kate Upton is one of my obsessions, the 22 years old super model with the sexy curves posed again for Sports Illustrated and this time she went sci-fi. Did I mention that we are sci-fi enthusiasts?    


Shear – Katharsis

Sunday is the official day we update the blog (whether we like it or not). Dozens of new promos to hear, most of them not particularly good – not because they suck but rather because they don’t feet with my taste. But, as a gentleman and a man who honors his obligations I have to


Monkey 3 – The 5th Sun

Fourth album for the Swiss act Monkey 3 and things seems to work just fine in terms of inspiration for this guys. The seven sweeping compositions on “The 5th Sun” showcase references from prog., psychedelia and stoner rock. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Porcupine Tree are their main influences without ofcourse loosing their identity. The


Iskald – Nedom og Nord

Two years after their previous work “The Sun I Carried Alone”, Iskald return with an album that was in the making for all that long . “Nedom og Nord” contains six long-length numbers of fierce, intense and cold music grafted with massive guitars, aggressive bass lines, complex drumming, harsh vocals and exceptional melodies. Nedom og Nord”is


Madness Of The Night – Asgarda

Madness Of The Night is a goth rock, new wave duet consisting of guitarist Daniel Dante from Sweden and singer Abir Blackshadow from Beirut, Lebanon. The two culturally different musicians met through the net and their love for 80’s goth led them to their debut album “Asgarda”, as also into a life time partnership with two


Duncan Evans – Lodestone

Duncan Evans, also known as Henry Hyde Bronsdon from the Gentlemen’s Club of A Forest Of Stars band, is a singer-songwriter musically influenced by the English Folk music. With references to the likes of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, Duncan Evans offers a collection of musical short stories focusing on the darker side


Secret ILLusion new album and lyric video

Two years after the release of “Illusion”, Secret Illusion return with a new offering entitled “Change Of Time”, containing 8 brand new tracks plus “Point Of No Return” from the 2012 EP release. In an attempt to tease us with a pre-taste of the new material, the band released a lyric video for the song


The official 2014 Kelly Brook Calendar

My, oh my! The new Kelly Brook calendar for 2014 is out and I think it’s gonna be hotter than ever. The famous model+actress+goddess just released her official, annual calendar that is on sale since the 2nd of September. Check out the promo video below for more convincing proof and ofcourse her web space for

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