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power metal

Dark Tribe – The Modern Age

This album succeeds in several points. First of all, the theme matches the music – it’s the future, it’s dystopic and the band managed with ease to bring a cinematic feeling to forefront. Second and equally important, the excitement this albums brings on the table – reminding me in times the excitement of Helloween, Gamma Ray


KISKE / SOMERVILLE – City of Heroes

The project that’s been goin’ on since 2009 resulted to a debut album in 2010 titled “KISKE/SOMERVILLE” and although it shared the familiar voices of the two, unfortunately suffered from hit titles (for my taste anyway). That’s fixed now and in the best way possible and responsible for this are Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear) and Mat


Hollow Haze – Memories Of An Ancient Time

Mats Leven (Canlemass, Therion, Krux etc) is doing the singing in the new Hollow Haze album. The band who has recently parted ways with singer Fabio Lione recruited Mats Leven to handle the vocs along with Rick Altzi (MasterPlan/At Vance) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium/Avantasia) as guest singers. Their new, sixth album titled ‘Memories Of An Ancient


Unisonic – Light of Dawn

Much about Unisonic have been already written for their previous album (“Unisonic”, 2012) – superband (Kai Hansen, Kosta Zafiriou, Denis Ward), the voice that has been missed for so long (Michael Kiske) and bla bla bla – well all that were undeniable truths needed to be heard & written. “Unisonic” received exceptional reviews, everybody loved


KAMELOT signs to NAPALM RECORDS and Tour Dates!

Press release: Symphonic Metal Masters KAMELOT entered the studio in mid 2014 to begin recording their follow-up to the highly acclaimed chart topping album Silverthorn. The new album will make KAMELOT history as it will be released worldwide (excl. Asia) on Napalm Records/Universal and Napalm Records/ADA-Warner as an exclusive licensing deal through the band’s KAMELOT


Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age

From all the pirate movies I’ve watched over the years, I’ve noticed one thing – you can’t have a fair fight with a pirate. You just can’t expect a pirate to just sword-fight you, he will kick you, he will spit rum into your eyes, he will fire at you with his flintlock pistol and



Cast off: They are hitting the sea again! The Scottish pirates ALESTORM with Captain Christopher Bowes are set to release their upcoming album Sunset On The Golden Age onAugust 4th in the UK & August 5th USA/CAN via Napalm Records. To get a first taste of the pirates live on the high seas, check out the album preview clip here: http://youtu.be/f3mPLnjDjv0  


Grave Digger – Return of the Reaper

Grave Digger will never quit, they keep bringing up albums every two years and they  finally reached the number seventeen with ‘Return of The Reaper’. I don’t like ’em, but hey, respect! The band says, they’ve shown their best and hardest side on this album, reaching back to their roots and albums like  “Heavy Metal Breakdown”


Twilight Force – Tales Of Ancient Prophecies

As a former power metal fan, I’ve found Twilight Force’s debut album very interesting at first. Their European kind of power metal brings in  mind lil’ bit of Stratovarious, Rhapsody and Dragonforce. Epic, symphonic power metal with strong melodies, fast tempos and orchestral arrangements. To much orchestral arrangements for my taste to honest. I liked

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