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WITCHCRAFT – ‘The Outcast’ 7″ single out now!

‘The Outcast’, the brand new single by Swedish doom rockers WITCHCRAFT is out now, available digitally as well as on 7″ vinyl (black & clear vinyl). The single also includes the non-album cover version of NIRVANA’s ‘Even In His Youth’. ‘The Outcast’ comes off the band’s eagerly anticipated new album, “Nucleus”. “Nucleus” is scheduled for a January 15,


Perfect Blue Sky – Emerald

Perfect Blue Sky is a Swedish based act consisting by Jane Kitto (AUS) and guitarist Pna Andersson (SWE). Their music is a blend of semi acoustic, 60’s and 70’s rock meets folk with a lot of rolling outbursts. It shares dozens of haunting melodies, it’s colorful with amazing lyrics and overall exhales confidence. The magic thing that


The Osiris Club – Blazing World

What a weird and interesting sounds come out from this debut album by London’s The Osiris Club. Featuring current and ex-members from Angel Witch, Winters, Electric Wizard and Zoltan, ‘Blazing World’  mixes sounds from horror movie soundtracks, 70’s prog rock, 80’s post punk and you name it what other genres. Enriched with occult lyrics spoken by


Windy Mills – Big Mean Reality

Windymills was formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Nick Holmquist, Mats Granehag on Guitars and bass, Namir Ghazem on Keyboards, Dale Whitaker on Drums and Frag Smith on Guitars and keyboards. The band that released their debut album “Big Mean Reallity” on previous October through Preachers Cath Records, hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and perform a mix of soft rock and


Massive – Full Throttle

So many albums to hear each year, some are bad, some are good to mediocre and some are simply fantastic. There a few things that can make an album to be fantastic. One is the bands inspiration, second is the bands skills in musicianship, third is the attitude, forth is the place of origin and


Film Review: Sound City

Ok first things first, I love Dave Grohl! I just really like him, he seems like an alright guy and he’s been in (and created) some awesome music. So I will sincerely give my best to be objective on this one. Let’s start with the down side: This film is mainly for musicians, producers, sound


Bree – All American Girl

  With references to the Beatles, Stray Cats,  Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Patsy Cline and the Ramones just to name a few, Bree offers an exploding debut album that will hook you from the very first note. The ethereal voice of Bree, the 50’s and 60’s aesthetics, the simplicity of the music, the beautiful melodies and the dancing rhythm will totally send you


Bret Michaels – Jammin’ With Friends

Can someone tell good ol’ Bret, that he is putting in danger all that’s left from Poison’s heritage? Can someone do that please? For starters, this albums sucks balls. Avoid it like the plague. The numbers from Bret’s solo career are below average and the covers on Poison numbers make you wanna throw up. !@#$%^&* But what is all about:


Black Actress – Black Actress

They sound like mix of Motorhead, Mc5 and Dead Boys, they mention as their influences (despite the above) acts like Guns ‘n Roses, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Electric Frankenstein, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden, while so far have shared the stage with some really impressive names, like Electric Frankenstein, The Bronx, Diamond Head, New Bomb Turks, Red Fang, Wednesday 13, The Adicts, Airbourne, Faster


Bad Radiator – Hypnotize

Bad Radiator is Mikeal Lundren (vocals, keyboards), Klas Bergvall (guitar), Roger Hansson (drums) and Jan Persson (bass). Although “Hypnotize” is the bands debut album, they actually have been around since the eighties when they were called Grace. The band that hails from Stockholm, Sweden released “Hypnotize” sometime in the beginning of this year. Their sound is moving into

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