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Supercoven Book Reviews

Charnel House by Graham Masterton: A Supercoven Book Review

We could have featured several of Masterton’s novels in this slot, but I’ll go with 1978’s Charnel House because it’s such a representative early example of his oeuvre. In other words, it’s a crazed, gore- streaked, preposterously entertaining little book that completely disregards bourgeois notions like good taste, suspension of disbelief and character development. And


Necrom by Mick Farren: A Supercoven Book Review

Our friend Mick Farren who died a few weeks ago, was a man of many talents. Rock ‘n’ roller, music critic, activist, cultural commentator, raconteur and author were some of his identities. One aspect of his work that has always been a bit undervalued was his capacity to produce a handful of swashbuckling, pulpy novels,


Massive – Full Throttle

So many albums to hear each year, some are bad, some are good to mediocre and some are simply fantastic. There a few things that can make an album to be fantastic. One is the bands inspiration, second is the bands skills in musicianship, third is the attitude, forth is the place of origin and


Image of the Beast (An Exorcism, Ritual One) / Blown (An Exorcism, Ritual Two) by Philip José Farmer: A Supercoven Book Review

One of the great advantages of science fiction, horror and the fantastic literature in general, is its’ innate ability to go where other forms do not dare and confront a number of societal taboos. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen nearly often enough, as most writers prefer to wallow in safe plots and tired clichés. Thank the


Imajica by Clive Barker – A Supercoven Book Review

It starts with a man arranging to have his wife killed and ends several universes away. By the time he wrote Imajica, Clive Barker needed no introduction. He had already revolutionised the horror field with the innovative short story collection The Books of Blood and had gained notoriety as a director with Hellraiser, an adaptation

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