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Rebel Mistress – Rebel Mistress

I think child labor is an offence in Sweden isn’t it? Then why these teens over here are left ‘playing’ with something so dangerous as rock n’ roll? Rebel Mistress is a brand new quartet from Sweden, who on previous July released their very first 3 track ep of the same name. If this band has


Swedish City Trolls neo-Nazi rally by playing ‘Schindler’s List’ song from clock tower!

A smart way to ‘welcome’ a political rally by the Party of the Swedes, chose the Swedish city of Norrkoping. The bells of the city’s clock tower played a John Williams song from Steven Spielberg’s holocaust drama, Schindler’s List. Local government spokesman Ulf Mossberg said city officials decided the tune was an appropriate way to demonstrate


Madness Of The Night – Asgarda

Madness Of The Night is a goth rock, new wave duet consisting of guitarist Daniel Dante from Sweden and singer Abir Blackshadow from Beirut, Lebanon. The two culturally different musicians met through the net and their love for 80’s goth led them to their debut album “Asgarda”, as also into a life time partnership with two


Windy Mills – Big Mean Reality

Windymills was formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Nick Holmquist, Mats Granehag on Guitars and bass, Namir Ghazem on Keyboards, Dale Whitaker on Drums and Frag Smith on Guitars and keyboards. The band that released their debut album “Big Mean Reallity” on previous October through Preachers Cath Records, hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and perform a mix of soft rock and


Free Fall – Power & Volume

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any proper info to introduce them to ya, as these guys don’t even have a web space. All I know is that they hail from Sweden, they are a quartet, they have signed with Nuclear Blast records and they have recently released their debut album, “Power & Volume”. According to them,


Interview with The Gloria Story

Ladies and Gents get ready for the second coming, the anticipated, number #2 album by the promising band THE GLORIA STORY. The Swedish rock n roll act returns, after two years since their debut “Shades of White”, with their brand new “Born To Lose” album. 70’s garage blended with punk n’ roll and delivered with


Fullforce – Next Level

Fullforce consists by vocalist Mike Andersson (ex-Cloudscape,) bassist Tommy Larsson (ex-Heed) and the two former Malmsteen/Hammerfall members guitarist Stefan Elmgren and drummer Anders Johansson. The band has already released it’s debut album in 2011 for which they have received enthusiastic reviews, something that opened the doors for a small tour with Edguy. Now and after almost


Nasty Idols – Kalifornia

They have been around since 1987, they were one of the first sleaze bands to come out from Sweden and they had the chance of living the dream when it actually happened, even for a short while. Their back catalogue shares some exceptional albums, with the best of them (for my taste) being “Cruel Intention”


the Scams – Bombs Away

In 2011 the band rocked the hell out of us with their magnificent “Rock and Roll Krematorium” album. The world need more though by this great act from Sweden and so the Scams listened and delivered. “Bombs Away” was released on 14,Sep,2012 and is slightly different from “Rock and Roll Krematorium” as it sounds more


Beyond All Recognition – Drop=Dead

To be honest I am not really a fan of metalcore or deathcore. I don’t choose to buy that stuff or even prefer it among other genres. Same goes for dubstep too. So what metalcore has to do with dubstep you might wonder? Well, the music of Beyond All Recognition presents a marriage between metalcore

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