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DUST BOLT – Announces Fall Headlining Tour Dates!

PRESS RELEASE: German Thrash institution DUST BOLT have just unveiled first details of their upcoming monster Mass Confusion. It’s only been five years since these Southern Germans won the W:O:A Metal Battle 2011 – five years that the band has used to transform themselves from hot newcomers into national thrash heroes with their debut Violent


Nuclear – Formula For Anarchy

So, I have never heard of Nuclear before, although the Chilean act has released a bunch of full lengths, ep’s and splits and shared the stage with the likes of Testament, Forbidden, Voivod, Grave, 1349, Destruction, Brujeria, Absu and At The Gates just to name a few. Their new album, titled ‘Formula For Anarchy’ and released


Destitution – Beware The Fury of the Patient Man

Thrash metal never gets old, not from the bands who serve and perform it, nor from the fans who enjoy it continuously the last three decades – And whether you call it old school, bay area or whatever, there is always room for more thrash for our metal bellies. Destitution are not new to the


Ultra Violence – Deflect The Flow

It’s thrash ladies and gents, pure and old school thrash metal for fans of Metallica, Testament, Exodus, Destruction and similar acts. No new ideas, no contemporary stuff, only an enormous appetite for some havoc. Steady tempo, dozens of riffs, cool semi-roaring vocals and that’s it. These guys are at their 20’s and they don’t sound


TANTAL – Expectancy

‘Expectancy’ is the second album from Russian sensation Tantal released on previous Oct’14 by Bakerteam Records. Enlisting Milana Solovitskaya as their new female vocalist, Tantal present an excellent amalgam of progressive tech-death and modern metal filled with powerful riffs, heavy and contemporary guitar works and dozens of beautiful and catchy melodies – and all that without making


Evil Invaders Europe Spring Tour 2015

Press Release: The Belgian Heavy Speed Thrash Band EVIL INVADERS prefer it fast, loud & rude, especially when it comes to their new record Pulses Of Pleasure! This exceptional debut album will entice fans of both the Speed and Thrash Metal Genres and is ready to set for release on March 2nd in the UK


GEHENNA to tour EUROPE in spring 2015

The Norwegian cult black/death metal band GEHENNA will tour Europe – for the first time in several years – promoting their latest album “Unravel” (Indie Recordings, 2013). Support will come from the Swedish death metal force DEMONICAL and the upcoming Finnish death metal battalion I SAW RED. Join the tour event on Facebook for more

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